About Us

New York Insurance AgencyThomas M. Donohue is Baldon Group, Inc.’s founder and CEO. Tom brings over 20 years of commercial insurance experience specializing in difficult insurance placements. Baldon handles a large book of main street business but our true strength lies in our ability to place high risk accounts. Among the areas we specialize in are construction, product manufacturing &/or wholesaling, social services, entertainment, high valued coastal properties.

When you bring your insurance needs to Baldon, we:

  • Dissect and understand your business and exposures.
  • Explore all possible risk transfer mechanisms.
  • Analyze your loss history and identify proximate cause of each claim.
  • Offer and arrange for risk management education.
  • Prepare account presentation for the insurance market place.
  • Negotiate best possible terms, conditions and price.
  • Provide you with a professional risk management solution including insurance and other risk transfer mechanisms.

An Independent Advantage

An Independent Insurance Agent gives you choices. Independent Agents have professional relationships with many insurance companies. We understand the risk appetite of the insurance companies in our portfolio. We approach and negotiate with those companies that most desire your type of risk and allow them to bid on it.

The Baldon Advantage

At Baldon Group, Inc., we consider ourselves to be your responsive in-house Risk Management Department proudly providing the best asset protection program available. We give quick turn around time for certificates of insurance, endorsements, claims handling and answers to any questions you may have. We are there when you have a covered loss to see you get fair, prompt payment and service. Each of our clients, large or small, gets the same high quality, professional treatment.

May 18th, 2016 by Baldon Group